He’s just the best!


Watching Richard Bransons blog this morning and finding his quote that I agree with 100% just got me thinking about the magic of backwards engineering. This is something my buddy Toby has been pushing me to do more. And he is right about pushing because it’s very clever.

Backwards engineering helps you find out what it is you need to do in order to feel what you want to feel. And in the end, all we want is always going to be a feeling. When people say they want to be a millionaire or a professional hockey player, what they’re saying is that they are looking for specific feelings like respect, a sense of belonging, integrity etc.

The point of backwards engineering is to find the feeling that you want the most, then start looking at what you can do right now to get to that feeling. The first step might be as easy as reading a book about how to become more confident or to go on a 15 minute run.



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