How to view money


I found an interesting article on how rich people view money and why that way of viewing money is so successfull. It was in Times this morning so you can read the full story HERE!

What I got out of reading it was that:

1. The rich focus on earning more money, unlike the masses who focuses on protecting their assets. Don’t get hung up on pennies and nickels. Use that energy on creating value instead.

2. The wealthy use leverage and always make sure to get the most out of every action they take. There is more prestige to success than hard work!

3. To the wealthy there is NOTHING like TIME = MONEY.

4. The rich leaves emotons out of it. Making money is a logical game.

5. The people who make a lot of money believe it to be their right. And they are right. Everybody has the right to become rich. Some just haven’t understood it yet..



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