Invest close to where you are.

Here are a few reasons for why I think yu should invest close by. Or a few. Let’s make it 6 pros, 4 cons.

1. You can get there easaly if you need to do something.
2. You will know the area better.
3. You will know the people in the area better.
4. You can use your local bank if you need help with financing.
5. You might be able to get you family, neighbours etc. to help you if youre gone.
6. You will be passing by every now and then so you can keep an eye on your place.

1. The car is a nice place to be and think in. You get less time in it.
2. Having a place further away will force you to seek help and get good at delegating work.
3. It might be less stressfull to have the tenants a bit further away.
4. It’s cool to own real estate all over the place :)

invest close