Is it risky to buy an old house?

How risky is it to buy an old house?

Well, not that risky in my opinion, but an old house is old. If you are thinking about buying an older house, it might benefit you a lot to have some general knowledge about constructions. Older houses can be a lot better than a new one, but also a lot worse. If they are maintained and built properly, they can last forever. If not, they can be a never ending problem. Make sure you can get a general idea of what nick the house is in. Seek help if needed. Ask an older carpenter to come with you or so.

Personally, I prefer wooden houses when looking at older constructions. Wood is easy to repair and renew. If there are old rotten parts, you can cut out and replace. I also believe that a house that has been standing steady for 50 to 100 years has proved itself as a solid building on a good location. If it was rubbish, it wouldn’t be in good condition after that many years.

My parents have a house that is just over 100 years by the way. I like that house and the quality of it is great!

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