Everything in this blogpost is old. The golf pictures were taken yesterday and the article is from 2008. I think..??

First of. The golf. We played pretty late so the sun set as we were finishing up. Don’t think theese photos show the super sweet and mystical light we had out there, but still. It was very beautiful!



Then the ooold article. Found it on my passed grandfathers fridge. I was interviewed by a local newspaper when i founded my company. Pretty fun reading it again. Lot’s has happened since and I’m stoked about what I have done, what I’m doing and what I plan to do. Life as an entrepreneur is amazing and the only way of living I can think of.


Tonight is a saturday night. I’m having a beer on a pub in Göteborg, about to leave for my buddys 30th birthday party. Should probably play it sort of safe hence the golftournament tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!