Not sure if It’s good or bad??

So here’s the thing. I wanted to buy a new toy. When I want something I usually make sure to get it right away. To get what I want, I started browsing all Swedish online secondhand markets like Blocket, Tradera and more. No luck. Not anything for sale. When there finally was, it was 600 kilometers away, and sold within half an hour.

My conclusion was that the toy I was interested in was scarce and under valued in Sweden. Since I didn’t have a clue about how to get what I wanted, I started looking abroad. When scouting in Denmark, I realized there were several toys for sale. And cheap. Half the price compared to Sweden. So I went and bought one.


Knowing the value of my toy, I figured Id put an ad out, seeing if I could double my money. And I did. I sold my toy within a week for twice the price I payed. Good business!

There is a problem with this though. Since I sold my toy, I don’t have it. But I want to have it. And now, I can’t find anyone in Denmark. Or Sweden. Bummer!