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You can’t score without a GOAL!

Seriously. You can’t score without a GOAL! You can’t score without a GOAL! Is a great quote! I love it. Makes so much sense. I have been struggling a bit with my goals lately though. I had a major one, namely: 1 million USD in assets before my 30th birthday. My 30th birthday was 2 […]

Pictures of Italy and nice Quotes 3/6

“Your problem isn’t the problem. Your reaction is the problem.” –Anonymous I find this quote more true than most things. Don’t get me wrong, I think both life and the world is beautiful, but it’s also full of challenges. In some ways life is nothing but a never ending string of problem solving, so we […]

Where should one live??

A publication from The Legatum Institute in Brittain shows the most prosperous countries in the world as of today. According to their criteria that is.. Top fifteen: 15. UK: London is a hub for ultra rich and full of supercars. That’s cool. 14. Germany: The country supposedly has the worlds fifth best economy? 13. Luxembourg: […]