Bidding in progress

See that purple little stripe saying “Budgivning Pågår”. It means there is a bidding in progress. Not that stupid kind of bidding that is being used over here, but a real, Swedish one. Much better!


In Sweden, the bids are public. Each time anyone put in a new bid a text is sent to everyone who has showed interest in the property. That way you will always know the highest bid and what offer you would have to do to be better. The bidding goes on until no one else wants to bid any higher or the seller decides to accept a specific offer. Very honest, simple and clever. Best part is that you always get the market value when selling a house.

In the USA it’s a different story. Bids or offers aren’t public. When a house is being sold, the buyers make offers. Offers will then be presented to the seller who then usually picks the highest one. This way you will never know how high buyers are prepared to go on any given property which means you never meet the market value. Stupid!

Anyways.. I’m off to check out two free mobile homes that could be used on some medium quality lot’s if I can find some. Interesting times! :)



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