The guilt..

I have a confession to make. It’s something I did 1 year ago. Something illegal… I feel I have to get it out of me, so here we go. Last winter I flew from California to Sweden to celebrate Christmas with my family. I brought several presents, some clothing and then the thing. The thing was the wine.. As it turns out you are only allowed to bring four litres of wine when going from USA to Sweden. I wanted to bring a bag in box with 5 litres.. So. I came up with the following plan. To Tippex over the digit 5 and write a 4. Pretty genius, huh?


I felt confident as I walked off the plane and just sailed through customs. No problem what so ever :) Got home. Gave the wine to my mother. Celebrated Christmas. Flew back to California. Then came the guilt…

Or no. It didn’t. I don’t feel bad at all. I feel good.

Today I was gonna go to some foreclosure auctions. But with big storm outside and rain pouring down I changed my mind. Stayed in bed for a few more hours watching a really good documentary about my favourite politician Carl Bildt. It’s now time for lunch, then I’m going to meet some new tenants before going to the gym. And at the gym there is a Sauna. I suppose the inside of a sauna is a good place to be a day like this wet and windy one.