Top Tip: Delivery and Installation


Order the material and machines you need with delivery and installation for lower costs.

I’m almost done with restoring the final two houses that we bought here in central Florida and as I have been dealing with American contractors and companies I have learned that delivery is often cheaper than going to the store and buying that same product. The hard part is the planning.

If you are ordering stuff and have them delivered you need to be a few steps ahead. You need to know what products you want and you need to know how much in advance you have to order them. When done right, you end up having it all at your doorstep just when you need.

The biggest reasons to work like this is efficiency and economy. Running back and forth to the store takes a lot of time. You will pay for gas and sacrifice valuable time. Another huge benefit is the supply. Since you no longer have to go to your local vendor there is now thousands of sellers competing for your business.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of when it comes to getting hold of stuff here in the US. I have also had really good experiences with in Sweden. Both of these sites can provide you with stoves, air conditioners, faucets, light bulbs, you name it.

Another benefit of ordering stuff and having it delivered to your doorstep is the option of having it installed. Using the sellers people to also do the grunt work is usually pretty great value. Especially compared to the average contractor and what not..

So, next time you need something for your house or real estate project, see if you can order it online with delivery and have it installed for less than you would have to pay at the shop down the road. Chances are you might be looking at some pretty big savings!