who would have thunk it

I do business online. Lot’s of it. And I love it. My pride is in being more than fair. You might even call it generous. Betsafe is another company doing business online. They’re all about betting. To me that is a pretty unfair business, but there is good money so I still completely understand them. However. There is more. If you are into online betting, please don’t use anything but Betsafe! Even though they are in a shady business. They are best in breed. As long as people gamble with Betsafe, we get this:

And that is good living in a can. To me, Betsafe does the best marketing of all online companies. All because we have very shared interests. Cars, good looking woman’s, travels and sports. I really like Betsafe, even though I haven’t spent a penny on their site. And I’m not going to. I’ll link to their page instead. (no commission involved) Hoping they will keep up their delivery of super motivating videos!

Tomorrow I’m off to play golf before some parties that are lined up over the coming weekend. Then off to Milano (business) and then Monaco (fun, (F1 grand prix)).