My Goal.

Just figured I would remind you (and myself) about it again since it’s what I am and have been all about the last two years. Even though I drift off doing something else occasionally (like now, riding coast to coast or driving around Europe for seven weeks in and old car..). But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I get time to think and you need to be thinking in order to succeed.

Goal is as follows:

10 million Swedish Kronor in assets before my 30th birthday.

As of today I have just over a million cash and make profits of 220 000 a year on the real estate I own. That means another 2 million. (the value of passive income is yearly profits times 10). So. The grand total is just over three million. That means that I will have to work really hard as it’s only a year and a half left.

Still. Not bad. Went from zero to where I am at now in less than three years.