I’m in Orlando. A place like Skara in Sweden, but different :) Instead of Skara sommarland they have Disney World and Universal studios. Haven’t visited any of them but went downtown yesterday. A neat downtown.

Sorry for not writing anything in a little while. I felt like being of all IT for a while so put both my phone and computer away to spend some time finding peace. It’s been very good. Nice and warm, have been out running a little bit, had a few sessions at the gym and a bit of swimming in the pool. Like it!

All this is now being monitored by the way. A friend gave me a FitBit. Like a wristband that measures your steps, heartbeat, how many calories you have used, how far you have moved and how many stairs you have climbed. And! In your sleep. It shows if and when you have been worried or waking up etc. Super cool! I love it.

Anyways… More absence from all of this as I want to hit the gym once more before driving to Tampa for house hunting. Good chance this ends up being a very cool autumn. Take care!




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