I have made it a challenge this summer to accept pretty much all jobs, even ones I don’t want, just to practice delegating work on to others. This might sound a bit weird, but let me explain.

It’s been 7 years since I started my company. The initial reason for it was for me to be able to work on my own terms and then send a bill before moving on. It was nice as I could for example work really hard in the agricultural industry during the harvest and then take a few weeks off for travels or what not. Kept my life flexible.

As my business has moved from being “me working” to “me making good money on deals and cash flow” I have been able to avoid doing manual labor. Very good since I hate it.. But, there has been a constant demand for the service I used to provide (simple carpenting, machine operating, garden planning etc.).

In order for my company to be able to pull of the biggest real estate projects and developments I realized it would be beneficial to be better at delegating work to others. I therefore decided to keep providing services like the ones I used to but delegate all the work to competent people and it works better than I would have thought. I have made good money all summer while still providing really good value to the market. 100% satisfied customers so far and a solid reputation. It hasn’t taken me much time and it’s fulfilling to see stuff getting done for people really needed the help.

It only represent a tiny bit of my economy this way of working and it is not what will help me reach further in my career in itself, but being able to get the right people to do a job the way you want it can most likely be very useful as I get into bigger deals in the next few years.




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