Dog Air BnB is clever!

Dog Air BnB is just clever. Clever entrepreneurship :)

A few Swedish entrepreneurs helped found the company King who created games like Candy Crush Saga. They later sold their shares and made a ton of money, which they are now investing in new startups. Two of those companies are Air BnB’s for dogs.

dog air BnB

Two things got to me while reading about it.

First off, part of the guys mentioned above funded Dog Buddy and another few Happytail. Two companies who both want to become THE air b”n”b for dogs. I wonder if they will compete or if they plan to merge?

Second, how clever and beautiful is the simplicity of it? We all know that Air b”n”b is a great success so why wouldn’t it work for dogs. And if it works for dogs, why don’t you or I create the same platform for cats?

I just love seeing people taking clever snarecuts. I admire clever entrepreneurs coming up with new inventions, creating new things and solving people’s issues a lot and they are the true entrepreneurs. But I also find a beauty in altering existing success to create your own market space. It’s clever!