From the ground up.

Foundations for real estate is a pretty uniqe business. There are tons of companies that specializes in building houses, creating a pretty fierce competition. Almost none of these companies specialize in the foundations of the same. And even before the actual foundation, there is usually a need for some Earthmoving, possibly some blasting or even piling. These are very specific fields of expertise that can cost lots and lots of money because there are so few that are good at it.


My buddy Toby and I have long discussed different ways to take advantage of this pretty undeveloped market. To me there are hundreds of ways to cut costs and become the king of foundations. The base of it all should be professional teams with all the best equipment, latest technolodgy and massive knowledge who just toured around producing foundation after foundation. The gold in this will be their efficiency. The time used for creating the foundations must be lowered considerable to cut costs. Material for the task is actually pretty inexpensive so that’s only a small portion of it all. Hiring professional staff is expensive so in this field as in so many others it’s all about lowering the time consumed.

So where does all this come from? Well. I actually had my own small one man team (me doing all the work..) that went around and did foundation for small cabins a few years back. I got pretty efficient and made quite a lot of money compared to others. I averaged the same hourly salary as a captain of a commercial jetliner while operating my little excavator. Looking back I should have hired and trained someone to do the work I did. He could then continued with the small cabin foundations making both me end him/ her some money..