Stupid system!

As you put in offers on a house in the United States, there is no way for you to know if that offer is good enough or not. You don’t get to know if anyone else has put in an offer and you will never know how far from you might be. This makes it difficult!

After putting in any offers one out of three things happens (as far as I’m aware of). 1. The offer is rejected because someone else offered more. 2. They call you up and ask you to go higher. That means no one has put in an offer good enough for the sellers to accept it. 3. You get the property as the offer is accepted.

On top of that there is a lot of paperwork involved in making an offer. Stupid system. The Swedish one is actually pretty genius. All you have to do is, 1. Give the realtor your social security number. 2. Make an offer. 3. Stay updated on your phone where the realtor will text you if there is anyone else building, what’s the highest bid at any given moment etc. etc. Super simple!

Lost the first house. Have a second offer on the way in now. Lot’s of houses shifting owners, all the time, but it’s quick, so one must be alert to get anything! Crazy fun thou..




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