Pros “n” cons.

Summer is short and very intense here in Sweden. To make the most of it, we have something called “the industrial holidays”. It’s usually four weeks from mid July to mid August. During these weeks tons of factories close down completely as all the staff takes some time off.

Since this has been so established people in all different fields of work has started doing the same thing. That means lawyers, realtors, car mechanics and pretty much everybody except the farmers goes on holiday.

So. Is this a problem for someone like me who wants to do business? No! I have decided to not care about cons as I don’t like them, so here are my top three positive thoughts about everybody else being on holidays when you want to do business.

1. As it’s much harder getting hold of people and make the deals you want during these times, less people try to. That means demand goes down and that brings prices down.

2. People are more relaxed and easier to deal with. Bring some coffee and spend some time smalltalking to people you work with. This will help you bond which makes for easier negotiations.

3. It increases your confidence as you obviously like what you do more than all others who takes some time off. As you seem to like what you are doing more than most competitors you are very likely going to get better at it.

See! Our world can be so beautiful if you constantly keep focusing on what is working in your favour. Hope you are having the best of days!



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