Sorry! I can’t help myself. Tampa Sunset :)

But this is the last few photos. Looking at a Tampa sunset just makes me feel nice. That red glowing sun hitting the Skyscrapers. Very nice :)

It probably seems like I’m obsessed with the Tampa Sunset, the Tampa Skyscrapers and Tampa in general, but I’m not! I just like it a ton and it looks so much nicer in my camera than the cold Scandinavian spring has. That said, summer is pretty much here and there a lot of beautiful nature during the next few months. I hope you don’t mind that?

Then real estate. I know we need more real estate photos. I really want them and whatever I write about real estate to be fun and motivating for you. If anyone has any ideas on what to write about, please e-mail me or comment below.

Have a fantastic day!

Tampa Sunset