Where should one live??

A publication from The Legatum Institute in Brittain shows the most prosperous countries in the world as of today. According to their criteria that is.. Top fifteen:

15. UK: London is a hub for ultra rich and full of supercars. That’s cool.

14. Germany: The country supposedly has the worlds fifth best economy?

13. Luxembourg: I love this place! And, they usually have the cheapest diesel in Europe!

12. Island: They have been living off fish since their banking system collapsed. Lot’s of fish.

11. USA: The most powerful country in the world! Best for some, not so good for others. The capitalistic system makes for uncertainty for those who can’t (or doesn’t want to) work.

10. Ireland: They say it’s beautiful. I have a good friend from Ireland. He likes Sweden better.

9. Finland: There is no country in the world that consumes more coffee per habitant than Finland.

8. Nederländerna: Weed and prostitutes. Of course the people are feeling good!?!?

7. Australia: Down under. Some say they have the best educational system in the world. Let’s hope so. I studied there for a while..

6. Canada: Like USA but safer.

5. Sweden: Swedens last (and super mega awesome) government with Reinfelt, Borg and Bildt created one of the best business climates in the world. That makes for a happy nation. Probably won’t last though giving our current government. A group of crappy socialist that has to work with a bunch of communists on one side and a bunch of racists on the other. What a mess!

4. New Zealand: I have friends and family here. And they are happy. So was I when I stayed there. New Zealand is great!

3. Denmark: When I am in Sweden my definition of a good day is when I take the boat over to Denmark. I have some business going there, family living there and tons of nice restaurants and bars I like to visit.

2. Switzerland: My friend lives here and according to him, it’s a good place to be. I might go visit this winter.

1. Norway: My cousins live there and I love them, but.. Norwegians are a smug people that talks funny. Oil and fish for a living and then they are all out on personal recreation every weekend. Smart-asses.. Do you know how to sink a Norwegian submarine? You just swim down and knock on their door. They will open and ask you what you want.. Do you know how to sink a Norwegian submarine a second time? Swim down and knock again, they will open the window and tell you that, “Oh no, you won’t fool us again”… Do you know why the Norwegians always live in round houses? Because they don’t want their dog’s shit in the corners.. Do you know why the Norwegians sneak in the pharmacy? They don’t want to wake the sleeping pills.. Do you know.. Ah, you get it. Stupid Norwegians. Always has to be the best…

This list by the way. Not relevant. They have missed out on tons of really important factors for real people like me. They forgot weather, culture, food and environment. Important stuff.

The picture below is on me and my friend Andreas Lundblad. He’s the one living in Swizerland. It was taken as we walked from our hometown in Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark.


Have a good day and keep on keeping on. These are good times!



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