Buying and holding old houses is good business!

New is great, but holding old houses can be even better!

A house is put through a lot over the years. Weather and people keep beating them from day one and without maintenance they might end up falling apart. In that sense a new house should be better? Less to worry about.

That is not always the case, though. You see, an old house that has been standing there for 50 to 100 years has proven it self. It is built strong enough to fight for its existence and will most likely stand at that same place for many years to come if you take care of it.

I’m in Florida at the moment. We own 5 houses here today and most of them are old. Some of the biggest risks here in Florida are termites, flooding and sinkholes. Our houses have original hardwood floors which means that they haven’t been flooded or attacked by termites. They are also located by the beach where you usually don’t have to worry about the sinkholes. All in all, they are a safe bet unlike several newer houses in the area.

What I’m trying to say is that holding old houses isn’t necessarily bad. It’s cheaper and can be of even better quality than many newer houses. That can give you better returns on your investment.

The pictures below are from San Diego’s old town where I spent a day two weeks ago:

holding old houses