Some dreaming is good for you.

And dreams are way more achievable than most people think. For me, it starts with a dream or visualized idea. Things like living in California, being a serious player in business, owning quality real estate, driving fancy cars, travelling the world, staying at luxurious hotels et cetera has all been done in my mind before actually becoming reality.

My interpretation of the positive thinking guru’s philosophy in this field is that in order for dreams like the ones above to affect us there must be emotions involved. What that means is that you have to visualize something in a way that also makes you feel good. There is no other way of succeeding than focusing on the stuff you really want. Once you manage to close your eyes and visualise yourself driving a convertible Ferrari on the french Riviera, walking into your penthouse office, having a superb dinner on a beautiful balcony with your awesome wife, going into a meeting with people that respects you, put in an offer on your first house, chilling in a hammock on a beach somewhere warm or whatever rings your bell and this actually makes you feel good, then you have hit the holy grail. This dreaming in collaboration with positive emotions will send a seed to your unconscious mind where it will grow and percolate until one day, voila, there it is. Maybe not exactly the way you imagined it, but pretty close I’m sure. Try this! If you have a hard time finding motivation, look at you idols and see yourself doing what they are doing. Does this work?

And the inspiration for this blog post? Well, I was clicking around a little on my YouTube channel and came across my “best of” videos from the last two years. All the stuff I’m doing in them has happened in my head before. So have the stuff that I’m doing now, and now is great. This year is great. Really looking forward to share a best of 2015 with you!



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